Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friends and good times

We had a busy week. We went to a Giants game (they won!), met some new friends, and re-connected with some old friends.

Elias at the farmer's market

Lyla blue eyes!!

Curtis and Elias "sharing" a toy.

Curtis putting the beef in beef cake.

Party at auntie Erin's house

Hanging out with Dartanyan

All the girls love Elias!

Friday, September 5, 2008

I know I've been bad at updating the good boy blog. Blame it on my new job. Or the heat. Or just the fact that curtis is so dang cute and fun I can't find time to sit at the computer and post pictures. So, I'm sorry. I know you all are chompin' at the bit to get a little cute boy fix.

Curtis is walking like a maniac. He is so happy to be mobile - he walks like a pro. Luckily he hasn't caught on to running!

Here we are at Armstrong Woods on Labor Day.

At the beach to escape the heat! Curtis ate a lot of sand that day.

I just developed a roll of film that was in my camera for a long time. Here's Curtis still in my belly. I forgot how GIANT I was.

Psst... new pics

Curtis is a climber!
Playing at Grammy and Grandpa Coy's

Auntie Rikka got Curtis to go in the famous Solvang shoe!!