Saturday, September 15, 2012

Seven months

(evidence of teething that kept me up a lot last night)

Well, hello beautiful girl.  Could she be more beautiful? Somehow this little pumpkin is seven months.  The girl is a full fledged, 'I want to get my hands on everything I can', baby.  She pulls our hair all the time. Andy gets woken up in the middle of the night to clenched fists ripping out his chest hair only to find a smiling little angel face looking over at him.  Oh well.

Betsy bullet points at 7 months:
  • She is 17 pounds now (Curtis was maybe 19 pounds at one year)
  • The girl likes to eat - pretty much everything we have given her, she has liked
  • She would like to exclusively feed herself but is still working on that pincher grip
  • She has two lower teeth and the top will be here any day. (see picture above)
  • She still doesn't sleep through the night (sigh)
  • She is trying her hardest to crawl - she gets on her hands and knees and rocks but only manages to go backward.
  • She has no interest in rolling over - she does it, but it always seems to be an accident. 
  • Curtis is still her favorite.
  • She has the cutest butt on earth.  

Monday, September 3, 2012

two wheeler

And just like that he can ride a two-wheeler.  Andy held on for a few minutes and he just got it and took off by himself. That boy.