Thursday, February 20, 2014


"HEY! I'm TWO!"
Betsy Boo this is what two years looks like on you.  You wear it well.  (That's more than I can say for this dress I made, which if you scroll down, you will notice she only wore for about 15 min.)
This girl. She is the embodiment of everything that is a two year old.  She is loud and demanding except when she is not. We giggle when we think of the times that we thought she would never talk. Now she is a steady stream of loud instructions for all of us to follow.  Lucky for her she is kind of irresistible.  We love her like crazy.
She is sweet as pie. The girl usually has a baby or stuffed animal in her arms and is gently patting them on the back, feeding them some of her snack, or pushing them in the stroller before she puts them to bed.  And if you have the time, she will happily bring you book after book to read.  She takes after her brother that way. 
Things Betsy Marie likes to do right now (in no particular order):
read books
wooden puzzles
be cozy
help her brother make a cozy town
feed her Emma her bottle
push babies and stuffed animals in the stroller
pee on the potty(if she is in the mood)
have dance parties in the kitchen after dinner (thank goodness)
go to the park
watch Elmo
give kisses (often with an open mouth when you are not expecting it)
point out who's shoes, cup, chair, bed, hat, etc belong to who "That Cur-is toy...That Bessy toy"
inquire as to what you are doing "What doing Mommy? What Cur-is doing?" 
play with any of her brother's toys
remind everyone that it's her turn and she is going to do it. "MY TUUNE..MY DO IT!"
pick up Curtis from school
be next to Curtis as much as possible
basically do anything that Curtis is doing
change outfits multiple times a day
did I mention playing with her brother?  
Anyhoo, here's some pictures of her party. We lucked out with the sunshine!
A rare shot of her in the birthday dress.


she found someone who would let her eat all of the raspberries

 Opening up her new bunny. 

I think it's love.

Every kid wanted to help open the presents

Nice cake, now what do you want me to do with it?

Party's over. Let's find a baby for the stroller.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

these cute ones.  these children are just so.... oh my heart.
I realize that there haven't been any posts lately. I'm missing all the big events. Life is busy. Life is crazy. Life is sweet and hard and exhausting and relaxing and boring and fast and happy and LOUD and slow all at the same time.  I try not to feel guilty as I lay my head on my pillow and realize that another day has gone by where I haven't picked up my camera to capture this fleeting moment of their precious faces. The changes happen so fast.  I don't want to forget one little freckle.  Luckily we have lots and lots of freckles to look forward to.