Monday, November 19, 2012

Nine Months

I'm about a week late. OOPS!  But I don't like to take pictures when there is no light coming from outside into our house.  Dang you daylight savings!!
We have been sick with colds at our house this weekend. So we spent much of our time wiping noses, taking naps and hanging out in jammies on the couch.  Curtis even took a NAP! What? That never happens. He must have felt really bad. 
Miss Marie - You have delivered a LOT of sweetness to our lives in the last 9 months.  You are such a happy baby! It's hard not to be in a good mood when you are around.
Let's see, Betsy facts at 9 months:
4 top teeth and 2 on bottom. (plus one that is just starting to poke through)
The girl has a lot to say. She makes the funniest noises.
Her favorite toy is her yellow spoon, followed by the blue scoop she is chewing on in the picture below.
Peek-a-boo is a huge hit. She likes the classics.
She follows her mom everywhere I go in the house - she is my little shadow.
She is learning how to do the fast crawl and it's pretty much the funniest.
She can stand up without holding onto anything for few seconds if she doesn't realize she is doing it.
She does NOT like to sleep alone and I'm afraid of what it will take to get her to sleep all night in her own bed (sigh). 
Sometimes she has Krusty the Klown hair.
She LOVES to cuddle on her daddy's chest and fall asleep. Sweetest. Thing. Ever.

she still has that little tuft on top of her head - it's been there since she was born.

Some drool detail

I keep taking pictures like this where I cut off the tops of people's heads.  

Monday, November 12, 2012