Monday, April 25, 2011

Dying Eggs

One of the many (many!) advantages of having a kid affords you is getting to color easter eggs. The smell of vinegar and hard boiled eggs brings me back to dying eggs as a kid. I particularly remember doing this in my grandma Mio's kitchen. The whole process was fun, getting the cups all ready, figuring out which colors to do, or if I was going to do anything fancy like two colors on one egg!

I love getting Curtis excited about this stuff. The hardest part was leaving the eggs in the dye bath long enough so the color got dark enough. But he did really well this year. It's fun to see him experience this kind of thing knowing that he's at the age where he will really start to remember from year to year.
Didn't they come out beautiful? When we put our boy to bed that night, he was really worried that we were not going to sleep at the same time because he wanted to make sure the easter bunny would come. Luckily, he did show up, and hid everyone one of them.
He must have thought curtis did a great job coloring the eggs, cause he filled his basket with treats. Doesn't he look thrilled?
Since finding all the eggs, we have enjoyed deviled eggs and egg salad! Yum.

The good boy

Have you missed seeing this boy? Of course you have. Here's just a tiny bit of what he's been up to. Decorating easter cookies

Fairyland with Grammy
Umbrella parade day at school
Aquarium day!!
And some pirate action.