Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's day at the beach

Happy Father's Day Andy! We love you so much and you are the best daddy in the world. Thanks for all that you do for us!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Things the boy says

"Mommy is a princess, I'm a king and daddy is a dragon."

On his birthday: "I'm big! I'm three! My body is big!"

"Basil is my favorite. It feels me good."

Curtis: "Better hide from monsters".
Mom: "Where do we go to hide?"
Curtis: "Costco".

Curtis: "Bats can see in the dark"
Mom: "Can you see in the dark?"
Curtis: "Yep. With my beun-tiful eyes." Opening eyes really wide "See mommy?"
Mom: "Yes, those are beautiful eyes."

Monday, June 7, 2010

Gardening and Gestating

For my birthday andy and jimmy made me a planter box - isn't it great? I wanted a little space for us to plant a few tomatoes or herbs. Nothing too fancy - I have no energy to be a full time gardener, but I thought it would be pretty great to have something that Curtis could help out with and we could water and watch grow. Who knows maybe it will even inspire us to water our lawn more this summer and keep it from turning completely brown like last summer.

So the Tester family went and picked up some dirt for our new planter box. The soil here is hard clay and not very easy to dig in. We got some tomatoes, a cucumber and a basil plant (thanks for forgetting it at our house auntie!) and we finally got to dig in some dirt and put our veggies in the ground. It's pretty exciting - I hope at least something grows!

And speaking of growing, here are the twins at 32 weeks. I actually kind of think I don't look too big here. I feel huge. It's always fun when people ask me when the baby is due and when I tell them, they get a very worried look on their face. Although looking at the ticker at the top of this page, it won't be much longer now! Making it four more weeks would be great. Making it to six more weeks would be amazing. And dare I say it, making to to the full 40 weeks would be unbelievable. The doctor said she wouldn't be surprised if I went full term with these kiddos!! We'll see. As long as they are happy and healthy in there I am happy to keep them in my belly.

I am, however, getting really tired. I get worn out pretty easy and have contractions when I do anything physical. I have days (like today!) where I feel great and have a lot of energy and days where I feel like I'm walking up hill all day long. Needless to say I do a lot of laying on the couch. Poor Curtis has been stuck at home with his boring mom. But hopefully that will change when these babies are born! We are all excited to meet them.