Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy SIXTH Birthday to our little boy

We had a great cat and snake birthday party for Curtis over the weekend.  We had beautiful weather, good friends, and a nice little party to celebrate our favorite guy.  I love that Curtis is his own unique person and he was pretty specific about the kind of party he wanted. He wanted a CAT and SNAKE Party.  So we did what we could.  Actually Curtis was very helpful in making the decorations for the party which made it more fun because he got to create what he wanted.
I can't believe this is our 6th party celebrating Curtis James.  He gets sweeter with every year. Even if he gets brattier.  I love this kid. 
he wanted a banner around his pictures with different colored cats and green snakes. 
We collected all the cat and snake things we could find from the various toy boxes around the house. 
And we gave out Cat ears and tails to the guests so everyone could be a cat.  

And there were snakes. Six of them (one for every year?) Actually there were a few more in a case but one of the locks wasn't working so they stayed in - I'm glad I didn't know that until after. 
A classmate's mom and dad were sweet enough to bring a few snakes for the kids to see and hold if they wanted too.  I did really good I thought for having so many snakes in my house - I kept my cool and Andy took all the pictures. But the kids seemed to love it. 

Some were braver than others. 
These two. Trouble.


Water balloons. It's not a curtis birthday without water balloons, right?

And the snake cake!