Sunday, April 28, 2013


Today this boy complained that he had a sore throat.  He was trying to convince me that he needed to watch another movie and rest. I figured he was faking it.  Betsy was down for a nap so I gave in.  I gave him some advil and I took my opportunity to read my book until my own eyes couldn't stay open.  It's rare that I get to snooze during the day, so I took my chance. Then later after the betsy woke up we played outside in the water and ate watermelon and a Popsicle and everything seemed fine. Then, because I'm a jerk, the next thing I know he was falling asleep on the couch and burning up with a fever. Ugh, he really is sick. Poor guy.  Naps never ever happen anymore so it must be bad. Wish us luck tonight! I hope he and the rest of us get some sleep.
Oh and Betsy officially sleeps in her room with her brother! Not in the big crib yet and not all night unfortunately, but she loves it in there. Actually they both love being in the same room.  It's pretty sweet. 

Look - more hair!

She still has the Kewpie doll tuft on top

These two entertain each other and really like playing together these days

And Betsy gives us the cutest open mouth kisses ever. 
Notice the beach towel to make sure Betsy doesn't have to touch the grass.  

And here's a little video of Betsy enjoying the water

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


This sweet little girl

I made this romper for her last year. She wore it to curtis' birthday party in July. It still fits. Kind of. Look at this ridiculousness - those skinny little legs and new (to us!) shoes that are two sizes too big. The girl loves shoes! She's a keeper.

Our tattooed boy working on his 'sperients'

Nudie escapee

Mama did not do the best job of organizing Easter morning. Andy was sick, I had too much wine the night before. Aunt Sally slept through it all. But the Easter bunny pulled through. Betsy wasn't too interested in the eggs and Curtis was too distracted by the goodies in his basket to mind me napping on the couch :) 

And we love books now. ESPECIALLY turning the pages.

Feats of daring-do abound

Love this pic. The house is a wreck, but it is a realistic glimpse of our everyday chaos.  It's been fun now that we have an extra little person who likes to pull things off the shelves and "reorganize" them to her pleasure.  Add to that two exhausted parents and that sums up our home. Messy. But so cozy. 

Action shot. Poor kid had to get a haircut because hair was getting in his eyes. Unfortunately for him, the only way I know how to cut hair is short. He is still the cutest thing in the world. Now I just have better access to the back of that white neck for kissin'!