Monday, July 12, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

the boy is three

Somehow, Curtis is three. I can't believe he' s this old already. Our little tiny baby is a big boy now. And he is not shy about it. He says: "I'm three! I'm big!"

We haven't been planning much for his birthday because everything has been up in the air with the twins birth. I haven't known how I would be feeling and how much I could do to prepare for a big party. Luckily the babies are still comfy in my belly and Curtis didn't have to share his birthday with anyone. My energy has been super low, but we managed to pull off a very last minute party with a few good friends. Thanks to everyone that helped out to make it a great birthday for Curtis. He had so much fun. The only thing he wanted for his party was cupcakes! The great friends and presents and food were just a bonus.

We love you Curtis James. You bring such sunshine into our lives every morning with your sweet face. Happy third birthday little boy!