Thursday, August 30, 2012

How are the kids? The kids are alright.

First off - new blog name? What do you think? It's been long overdue for a new name.  Although I love the Good Boy Blog - we have to make room for little b b marie too.  So our initials sound good together.  I don't know - maybe it will change.  THEN I started messing with the format and I can't get it back to the way it was before, so there you have it.

Also, I'm happy to report that Kindergarten is going very well. We are getting into a routine and it feels more normal. We all have to be ready to go and out the door earlier, so it's an adjustment. We just have to work on getting to bed on time.  CJ seems to love it from the little information we can get from him.  A big relief for me is that he really likes the school daycare. I think he enjoys all the attention the big kids give him.  Today he brought snack for his kindergarten class which also comes with some cool privileges like being a line leader, hitting a gong (?), and he also got to bring a book to share.  Currently his favorite book in the world that we have to read every night (and I find in bed with him when I check on him before I go to sleep) is:
Alternate title "The Story of Curtis"

Aunt Sally brought this book to him because she knew that this book was written about Curtis. The only difference is the boy in the book is named Peter, so when reading this book you have to change his name to Curtis. UNTIL the point in the story when the main character turns back into a boy, then we have to say Peter because there is no way that Curtis would turn back into a boy. Sheesh.  Anyway, I hope the rest of his class likes the cat book. 

Finally, Betsy Marie is still a super sweet baby.  She eats food now and couldn't be happier about it.  She likes to hold bits of food in her little chubby fists and try to get them into her mouth.  Pretty much everything we have given her she has liked.  It's super fun having a baby who likes to eat!!! I hope she keeps it up.  I love giving food to a kid and having them gobble it up!  She has two bottom teeth now and they are really starting to show.  We are enjoying cute little tooth-y grins.  She sits up and is working really hard on moving her body across the floor.  She can scoot herself backward but hasn't mastered the forward motion yet.  We are all in trouble and about to test out just how baby proofed our house actually is.

 "Hey Betsy, I'm eating a raspberry"

"I don't eat raspberries, I make raspberries"

Friday, August 24, 2012

First day of Kindergarten (or how to get your heart broken in 5 easy steps)

He did it. He started Kindergarten.  We have two days under our belts and we are ready for more.  Look at this boy.  He is the sweetest thing in the world, don't you think?

 We were all really excited for  his first day.  We love his new school and are so happy he gets to go to there.  He was picked by a lottery and when we got the letter that he got in Andy and I felt like he got into Harvard or something.  And he has a great teacher!  Mr. Gurney starts each school day singing songs and playing the ukelele - how awesome is that?!  His three main rules and focus for the year are: Be Safe. Be Happy. Be Kind.  These are things we talk about a lot at our house and I think this will be a good fit for Curtis.  

And Curtis did so great on his first day.  He found his name tag and cubby and took his place on the rug among the other kids with no problems. He didn't seem too nervous and when it was time for the parents to leave - he turned and waved and I had to run over and steal a quick kiss on my way out the door.  

I got this, mom.

As for how to get your heart broken part, here is what you do:
  • Step one: Find out you are pregnant and completely fall head over heals in love with a little ball of rapidly dividing cells the size of a poppy seed. 
  • Step two: Give birth to said cells in the form of a round headed, red haired baby boy.  Spend all of your time staring at, kissing, cuddling, smiling at, and thinking about the new center of your universe.  
  • Step three: Raise this boy the best you can.  Love, love, and love on him.  Try to provide him with a safe happy home to grow up in and develop into his own little amazing person.  Try to encourage his confidence and individual spirit.  Work your butts off to provide for him and his baby sister even though you wish you could be spending your time with them.
  • Step four: Get your boy ready for kindergarten. Pack his lunch in his new Star Wars lunch box inside his new black cat backpack.  Take cute pictures. Try not to let him see you tear up.  Drop him off. Watch him exude confidence as he waves goodbye. Think about what he could be doing all day long.
  • Step five: Race to school after work to pick up your boy from the school daycare.  Walk in the door and see your kid sitting by himself because all of the other kindergarteners have been picked up already and everyone else in the room is older than him and know each other.  Then the first thing out of your big brave kid's mouth is "You took a really long time!".  Heart. Shattered.  Try not to burst into tears in front of the day care teachers.  

Oh this kindergarten thing is really hard on me.  Honestly, it really took me by surprise and I didn't realize how much anxiety I was holding onto about it.  Instantly I wanted to find a way to quit my job so I could be there everyday to pick him up at 11:45. And volunteer in his class all the time. And not have Betsy in daycare at all.  I had a lot of tears that first night. Being a grownup sucks sometimes. 

BUT, I know things will be fine.  Tons of kids spend their days in daycare when their parents work full time.  It's GOOD for him to see both his parents work hard.  And life isn't supposed to be easy all the time.  Curtis is an amazing boy and will find his place in this new school in no time at all.  He has an incredible opportunity to be at this school. AND his dad may get to volunteer one morning a week in his classroom and that makes me really happy.  I will volunteer as much as I can too. AND his teacher keeps a blog so we get to see what they are up to each day. 

The second day of daycare pick up went much better. He was having a great time playing with the bigger boys and seemed really happy to be there.  After a good nights sleep and the perspective a new morning can bring, I think I can let go of some of the crazy and go back to being excited and happy for the new year. 

 Mr. Gurney's statue in front of the school
Andy and Bets - yay for kindergarten!
(also, can you believe how much these two look alike?)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

iPhone pictures from our short trip to orange county

We played on the beach, dug holes, swam in the ocean, saw friends and family, curtis had his first wipeout on the boogie board, betsy had her first spashes in the waves, curtis had a spiderman party with the family, betsy went on her first plane ride, sand, sand, and more sand, auntie kate did NOT have the baby while we were there (but Selah Mae was born last night, August 8th!), curtis was afraid of grandpa and tutu's dog, betsy let the dog lick her all over, curtis and andy had a few days of just the two of them until we got there, and then we spent more time at the beach.  These are some sweet children we have. I wish we could vacation longer!  Curtis was an excellent traveler and such a good boy on this trip. Betsy did a great job too - I think she won everyone over with her raspberry noises and sweet disposition.

Ready for soccer!