Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Curtis makes this funny face a lot.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Monday

So our little boy is just that - a little boy. He's almost two years old already! Time is flying and we are enjoying every second.
Here's some Curtis facts as he wraps up his second trip around the sun:
  • He loves airplanes. If you have been around him lately, you know what I mean. Is there anything better than playing with toy airplanes? Or seeing them in the sky? Or hearing them outside? Or watching airplane videos on YouTube with his daddy in the morning? He has to take his airplanes to bed with him.
  • He is really good at jumping. He likes to surprise us by announcing "jump" a split second before he leaps from the bed/couch/chair/top of the stairs. Somehow he knows we are always there to catch him.
  • He can walk backwards.
  • He can count to 5.
  • He loves to be naked and dance in front of the mirror.
  • He has crazy red hair - but since he has been a baldy for so long I don't think I can bring myself to cut it.
  • He is stingy with his kisses.
  • He gives the best kisses.
  • He is a really good talker.
  • He sleeps all night long in his own bed - I never thought this would happen.
  • He is learning the word "Mine".
  • If he doesn't get his way he falls to the floor and puts his forehead on the ground and his butt in the air.
  • He likes to play marching band.
  • We spent our first night away from him this weekend. Everyone survived.
  • He is the cutest little skinny legged, stinker boy around.

Monday, June 15, 2009