Monday, May 13, 2013

Mors Dag

"I lorve you monm." Sounds like talking with your mouth full.

 Mother's day. Nailed it. I have the two cutest cutes in the world. I'm so lucky I get to be their mom.
 We packed up a picnic and slathered on the sunscreen and headed out to the beach. Of course the parking lots were full and it was way too cold for sandcastles and one child needed a bathroom RIGHT NOW and the other one was screaming her head off.  Ahhh..Perfection! We did get to take a short foggy hike and play in the cypress trees.  We ate our PB&J's on the drive home, Gram J came over in the evening and Andy cooked up some yummy turkey burgers for dinner.  Curtis and I threw the frisbee in the back yard, Betsy entertained us all just being her funny self. All-in-all, a pretty great day. This is the life. 

Seriously, who are these kids?
Oh, and this is a thing now. She climbed up there all by herself. So proud.