Monday, December 8, 2008

17 months old

Curtis James is 17 months old! How did it happen? He's getting so big so fast!
He is so amazing - he learns something new every day. He says lots of words now - Daddy(probably his favorite word), bunny, kitty, moon(oooon!), mommy(if I'm lucky), Taco, just to name a few.
But the word he's been using with the most gusto is "NO" with a shake of his head. I try to answer with "Yes!" and a nod and he humors me with a "esh!" But more and more when we ask him to do something it's "no". He's also learned to stomp his feet and throw(flail) himself on the ground in protest. Fun times!
But it's so fun to see him develop and explore his world and watch his personality come out. He is still the SWEETEST boy! And he is learning to give kisses which melts my heart every time. Even if they are snotty and slobbery.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ahhh... Mexico!

We made it home from Mexico - all of us with a few more freckles but luckily no bad sunburns. It was beautiful and relaxing! We had such a great time. We mostly hung around the pool and enjoyed doing nothing. It was great to get to re-connect with our old pals Albert and Melissa! Here we are at the Hotel California in Todos Santos where we had really yummy chili rellenos and one strong margarita!
Curtis took to the water like a duck takes to ...well, water! He loved it.

At the beach in Cabo - the water was so pretty and clear!

I finally got my tequila sunrise on the last day :)

Curtis and his dad in the ocean. Uncle Albert swimming to the pelicans.

He really did like the pool.