Thursday, June 20, 2013

Solvang and Happy Father's Day!

We headed to Solvang last week to visit Mio, Rikka and Patrick.  Despite the torturous car rides(betsy) and fevers(curtis and betsy), we had a great time.  It was beautiful weather down there and it was so nice to get away from home, if only for a few short days. 


 The clog got a paint job. Betsy was not so into this photo shoot.

My Beautiful Mio. When I was a kid she told me she was 102 years old.  I believed her. 

Aunt Sally thrifted some super cute vintage dresses for Betsy. 

Out of order but on our way home we burned off some energy at Pismo Beach.  I could have stayed in the sand all day.  



We had a great time just hanging out at the house!

While we were visiting Mio she kept telling me what a great dad that man I live with is and how patient and good he is with the kids.  And as cute as these two are, they need a LOT of patience. I agree with her, he is amazing.  I'm glad we got to celebrate him for father's day.  Daddies are the best. 

And we got to take a little hike to Nojoqui Falls! It felt like such a long hike as a kid. 

Curtis is the sweetest boy to his Mio. Probably because she gives him gum. 

Betsy was not into posing for a picture. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

And just like that, he's not a kindergartener anymore.

First day of school

Last day

School is out. Or as Curtis says, "I beat the whole level of kindergarten! I'm a first grader!!"
It's useless to even comment on how fast time goes by because everyone already knows.  But man-oh-man it goes by so fast!
This boy is something else.  He is a handful and has taught us A LOT about patience to say the least. For all the hair that has turned gray or been pulled out in frustration, we wouldn't change one second. He is just the sweetest, most imaginative, funny, stubborn, silly, kind, loving little boy we could have asked for. Not to mention that his dancing skills are incredible. Betsy is pretty lucky to have this kind of role model. 
Curtis and I were noticing in these pictures that at the start of kindergarten his ears were below the line in the door and now they are above.