Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shorties be marching

Preschool Halloween Parade.
Well it got rained out, but they marched on. And it was confirmed that curtis is the shortest kid in the class. But also, the cutest green bird.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Green bird reading the New Yorker

Sneek peek
What to do when your kid tells you over and over again that he wants to be a green bird for halloween? You make a green bird costume. What to do when he changes his mind? Hope for the best I guess.

Now when we ask what curtis is going to be for halloween he says he's gonna be:

-a green ghost
-a green pumpkin (this is a new one that just started today!)
-a green bird
-a green thomas
-a green dragon

I guess he's going to be anything as long as it's green.

Can't wait for trick or treating - raining or not. Watch out L section, our green monster is coming for your candy!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Okay, that's better

Three months old y'all!

More pics on their very own blog here

Friday, October 22, 2010

Guess who is three months old?

Wouldn't a cute picture of the worlds sweetest twins look really good right here:

Yeah, I think so too. Auntie?

Friday, October 15, 2010

new bed

Five successful nights in the big boy bed! It's still just a mattress on the floor, but we figure he'll get used to sleeping without the rails of his crib and if he falls out of bed, he won't fall far. I found a great bed frame for him at a garage sale, and all we have to do now is sand it and paint it and it's going to be super cute in his room. By the way, I figure anyone who looks at this blog is as in love with this boy as I am, right? Wait that is impossible. No one can love him as much as me. That's the beauty of being his mum, right? I get to love him the most? Because, man, I love this boy.
Okay, here he is in bed:

As you can see, all the essentials are there. He's got his rainbow blankie that he sleeps with every night, and Lionel is behind him. (I think that is Lionel #2. Original Lionel and Lionel #3 are in the corner. Yes, he has three Lionel's. It is his favorite night time stuffed animal and his auntie went to great lengths to find him more Lionel's on eBay.) Also featured is Stinky Marie (calico cat that looks like our very own June Bug.)
We are in the middle of transforming his room from baby to big kid! It's pretty exciting. And he is having so much fun playing with this toys in his room. I'll post more pictures when we get it more put together. For now he is mastering sleeping in the big boy bed all night long. And so far, he's awesome at it!

life is good

This is the kind of handsome I live with every day! Aren't I lucky?

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I didn't think it was possible that our round-headed gurgling little baby would ever turn into a preschooler, but somehow it happened. Although I have always dreamed of the day he would look like this:

And here's an action shot:

Isn't he handsome?? Please note, those pictures aren't from the first day of school. First day of school pictures looked like this:

And this:

I swear he wasn't unhappy, he just didn't want his picture taken. First drop-off was a little rough, but soon he discovered that his new school had (A):

His best friend Leo! (Isn't he handsome too??)

And (B):
Roads to build!

Is there anything you can't accomplish with your best friend and train tracks? Seriously, life is good.

After things settled down postpartum-ly (I think I just made up that word), and we made our rounds visiting family, it was time for me to head back to work and curtis to start school! And I must say the boy is great at school! He was soooo ready for it. Our daycare situation was great, but he had just outgrown it.

He loves his new school. Although getting him out the door in the morning isn't always easy, but that's not really a big change. There have been a few tearful drop-offs and pick ups, but for the most part he can't wait to play with his friends. Besides Leo, his old daycare friend Mikey is at preschool too. It's pretty perfect. We've been told they have formed a bit of a tricycle gang.

Since starting preschool he:
  • Comes home super dirty - paint and glitter on face and clothes and shoes filled with sand. I swear his shoes must produce sand or something.
  • Has been invited to a new friend's birthday party at a really cool place called "Pump it Up". One of the funnest birthday parties ever!
  • Takes naps at preschool without a diaper!! (Yay! And at home too)
  • Brings home the cutest art projects (okay there are a lot of papers with just a couple of scribbles of crayon, but there are some really cute things too)
  • And starting this week he is sleeping in his own big boy bed!
  • Oh, and today is silly sock day AND picture day. We have been practicing how he is going to smile all week. So, if all goes to plan (and why wouldn't it?) get ready for some really handsome wallet-sized school pictures.