Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Eight months.

Betsy is coming for you. So she can claw her way up your body. And stand up. And, no, she doesn't want to sit down, thank you very much.
Eight months old everyone. It keeps happening - she keeps growing up. Our littlest roommate is hard at work getting all her baby stuff done.  WILL YOU JUST STOP IT AND STAY LITTLE FOR AWHILE LONGER??!!
She crawls when she is in the mood. She is not terribly interested in doing it too much or in getting anywhere fast. What she wants to do is stand. If you are near her, be prepared for her to lunge for you and climb her way up your body with her little monkey hands. The view from way up high that standing up affords her is too addicting.  Yet, she is not so steady at standing. She wobbles like a drunken sailor. And falls over a lot. 
Her pincher grasp is getting much better (though not quite there yet) which is great for meal time as she is able to feed herself easier. But that also means she finds the tiniest little things on the ground which go directly into the mouth.  When she discovers the cat food, we are in trouble. 
She is NOT the easy little lump she was 6 months ago. But she is definitely more fun. And sweeter every day.  We are so lucky to have this little blue eyed girl to complete our family. 


Friday, October 5, 2012

This blog needs new pictures

So much hair. (okay, not really, but it's there!)
grape sculpture
Oh, hi.
soccer tricks
Married for seven years. Only 78 more years to go.


Could she look anymore like her dad? Hello little Andy.